Do you sell to contractors, builders, or homeowners?
No, we are a wholesale company, and sell to a wide variety of lumber yards, cabinet shops, millwork companies, and wood product manufacturers.
Can you match profiles?
Yes. We have our own knife shop on premise, and have the ability to create new profiles and match old ones with ease.
Can existing profiles be modified?
Yes. All profiles can be modified within reason.
Can you export or ship nation-wide?
Yes. Our products ship domestically via LTL, Flatbed, or UPS. For international orders, we ship to the port for export.
In what species can profiles be milled?
They can be run in virtually any specie according to the natural characteristics of the chosen wood.
Are samples provided?
Samples are available for a nominal fee.
What is the best time to call?
The normal hours of operation are 8AM-5PM EST, Monday through Friday.
What is the average turnaround time?
As an on-demand manufacturer, the production schedule varies. All orders will be given an estimated delivery time when they are placed.
What is the process to become a customer?
There is a credit application to be completed and approved before the first order can be placed.
Is radius work available?
Yes. We have skilled craftsmen who can produce anything from a simple arch to complex concave or convex profiles.